Your living room makes a great gym

In the past few years the ways we can get a good workout at home have grown. Even gym-goers like myself have been persuaded to workout at home more frequently. 

There are a ton of fun ways to sweat using a game console paired with a device like the Wii Fit or Nike Kinect. You dance or do sports moves (essentially things like air golf), while burning calories. Even traditional workout videos now have corresponding multimedia tools like online forums to find additional motivation. I’ve found some great videos on YouTube just by searching for trainers I read about in magazines — I just connect my laptop to my television in my living room and can browse from all sorts of fitness content. And you can bet if you’re trying a new fitness routine that there are dozens (maybe hundreds) of videos on YouTube from people who’ve already tried it and are offering their reviews. 

The latest workout I’m doing at home is the Tracy Anderson Perfect Design Series I-III workout. And before my recent vacation to Thailand I learned a short Tracy Anderson routine by watching a YouTube video. The routine was short enough to remember the moves and was a good way to start the day before drinking Chang beer and eating delicious Thai curries.

It’s easy to get comfortable at home (as you should be!) but don’t let that stop you from breaking a sweat in your living room. It opens up so much more time in the day when your “gym” is in your home.